Maricopa police officer accused of having sex on the job

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MARICOPA, Ariz. -- A Maricopa man moved out of his house after uncovering a big secret about his wife.

“I was really shocked to find out that that happened to me,” Perry Edwards said.

Edwards said he found texts on his wife's cell phone, showing she was having sex with a Maricopa police officer while he was on duty.

“He says it’s nice and warm in his car and she says it’s nice and warm in my bed,” said Edwards' sister, Roberta Schneider.

Schneider printed the texts.

Schneider said she didn't think the officer was in his regular car because of "the fact he stated he was at work."

Around the time Edwards found the texts, he was arrested for a crime he says he didn't commit.  

Edwards and his sister went to the Police Department concerned.

“I went in and talked to Sgt. Judd and showed him the phone with the texts and gave him a copy of the texts with the dates and times on it,” Edwards said.

Sgt. Stephen Judd with internal affairs sent them a letter with the department's findings. 

It said Edwards' and his sister's allegations against Officer Victor Valenzuela of conducting himself in a way which was unbecoming of a Maricopa police officer and showing unsatisfactory performance in his duties were both "substantiated.”

“The fact that he was doing this on duty is what's disgraceful,” Schneider said.

A department spokesperson said the officer has a right to appeal the findings.

The department said they will speak to us when the appeals process is over.

“I don't think an officer should be able to stay on the force if they're caught having an affair with somebody else's wife when they're on duty,” Edwards said.

3TV also found an email from Valenzuela to his superior from 2009 complaining about staffing shortages and his safety on the job.

3TV tried calling and emailing Valenzuela for his side of this story and have not heard back.