Phoenix woman orders product but it never arrives

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Krysta Anderson is a single mother of three and says at the end of the day, she's dead tired.

"Actually, them going to bed is the best time I get to relax because I am nonstop," Anderson told 3 On Your Side. "Even when I am doing dishes, I got the baby in my arms."

And although Anderson looks forward to sleeping at night, her kids don't. Like most kids, it's difficult to get them to fall to sleep. So when she saw a commercial advertising something called Dream Lites, she took notice.

The commercial's narrator says, "Dream Lites are magical lights that turn your ceiling into a starry night sky.  Dream Lights make bed time fun."

Anderson thought the Dream Lites were a great idea so she logged on to the company's website and bought three of them for around $144, money she thought was well spent.

"The lights are supposed to slowly turn off, so basically it's kind of soothing and puts them to sleep," Anderson said.

But she said the Dream Lites never arrived and every time she triess to call the company, no one answers.

"I've tried calling, the number keeps giving me a busy signal or it just hangs up on me," she said.

She also tried tracking the delivery through a link the company provided, but the link didn't work causing Anderson to become suspicious and concerned. After all, she said she put $144 on her debit card.

3 On Your Side got involved and contacted the OnTel Products Corporation, which distributes Dream Lites.

In an email, they said, "Unfortunately, the Dream Lites are currently in back order and out of stock due to high demand."

In the meantime, OnTel put Anderson's $144 back into her checking account, at least until the Dream Lites are shipped to her. According to a company spokesman, it could take up to another month.

Anderson said she's glad the money has been temporarily returned, and she's also relieved we were able to reach someone in the company because she was beginning to wonder if they had gone out of business.

Although she said she's willing to wait another month for the Dream Lites, she said every day that passes without the Dream Lites seems like torture for her kids.

"Every single day they ask me (about them)," she said.