Bill could mean fewer tickets for red-light runners [POLL]

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- When you think of an intersection, you probably envision the center square that cars from all directions pass through. But what if that changed? And what if it changed the way red-light runners were ticketed?

New legislation could do just that.

"What this bill will do is it will make our intersections safer for Arizona drivers," said Shawn Dow with

Supporters and opponents of photo enforcement disagree on the idea of adding the area of crosswalks and stop lights to the definition of an intersection.

"We just don't see this bill as going to add to traffic safety," said Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the  Phoenix Police Department.

The wider definition would only apply at lights that have cameras.

"What the camera companies are doing is shortening the yellow light times and making the intersections more dangerous. This will counter that a little bit," Dow said.

According to Dow, extending the intersection would give drivers more time and and make it harder to get a ticket. The Phoenix Police Department say it only ups the danger.

"What that means is you've extended that intersection as much as 20 to 30 feet, which means those drivers who are aggressive, who are in a hurry, want to go ahead and have a propensity to run red lights will now have 20 to 30 feet more," Thompson said.

But could it keep you out of a ticket or make you more susceptible to a crash? The debate continues.