Mushroom Bisque

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1-Medium Onion – Chopped
5-Cloves of Garlic –Chopped
1 Pound-Mushrooms (Any Style)
2-Celery Sticks-Chopped
¼ Pound-Butter
½  Cup-Red Wine
1-Cup-Beef Stock
32-Ounces Heavy Cream
1-Tablespoon Coriander
½ Cup-Gruyere Cheese-Grated
Chopped Parsley & Truffle Oil for Garnish

In a medium size pot sauté onions, garlic, mushroom, carrot, celery and butter, cook approximately 10 minutes over medium heat, then add red wine, beef stock, heavy cream and coriander, let simmer for 30 – 35 minutes, remove from heat and blend in a food processor until smooth, return bisque to stove and bring back up to serving temperature, fold in Gruyere cheese, ladle out soup, and garnish with parsley and truffle oil