How to make a hanging herb garden

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1x8 Pine Board cut to 36 inches or desired size
3 Jar Light Globes or Mason Jars
3 Pipe Clamps
Chalkboard Paint and Chalk
Paint or Stain (Desired Color)
Screwdriver, Screws, Drill with screwdriver bit
Ooks Ring Hanger
Ooks Picture Hanging Hook
Blue Painter's Tape

Cut board to 36" or desired size.

Color wash board with watered down paint or stain, let dry.

Space Jar Globes or Mason Jars evenly on board slightly tilted at an angle.

Mark placement with a pencil in order to work around them.

Tape off rectangles, (approximately 1 1/2" space between tape) below each jar and above the top jar for a header.

Apply primer on rectangles between taped areas only.

Apply 2 to 3 coats of Chalkboard Paint, allowing sufficient dry time between coats. After last coat, remove tape when wet or tacky.

In the center of where you marked for the jars to be placed, secure Pipe Clamps to wood board with 3/4" screws.

Plant desired Herbs into the jars.

Place jars into clamps, tighten clamp with flat head screwdriver to secure jars.

Write the name of each herb on the chalkboard paint rectangle below each jar, erase and change when or if you change the herbs.

Screw ring hanger to the back of the board, close to the top in the center, then nail the hook into the wall in your kitchen or out on the patio.

Hang up your new Herb Garden and Enjoy cutting fresh herbs while your cooking right at your convenience.