RAW: Crime Check phone call leads to firing of SPD Officer

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SPOKANE-- Police have released the crime check call a woman made after a Spokane Police Officer appeared on her door step.

Alan Edwards was fired after being accused of using city equipment to gain access to the woman.

The woman says she met Edwards at a Spokane Valley bar when he was off duty. They parted ways and she says he showed up on her doorstep around midnight uninvited. The allegation was that he had used city resources to acquire that address.

In the recording you can clearly here distress in the woman's voice.

She called crime check to report the incident concerned that the officer knew where she lived. 

Investigators say Edwards called an on duty officer to look up the woman's address. They say he mislead the officer to get info from a police database.

Edwards' termination went into effect March 1st.

The investigation into this accusation was the second misconduct case against Edwards.
Edwards recently completed an 80-hour suspension for an alleged inappropriate relationship with a bail bondsman.