PTSD therapies showing 'phenomenal results'

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PHOENIX -- It's often referred to as "the unseen wound" -- post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD -- and it affects more of our servicemen and women than many realize.

In the wake of the deadly shootings in Afghanistan, many are wonder if the U.S. soldier who went on the rampage suffers from PTSD. Not only was he on his fourth tour of duty in the Middle East, he also had suffered a brain injury in a Humvee accident. Was PTSD to blame for the deaths of more than a dozen Afghan civilians, including woman and children?

Dr. Leslie Telfer, a clinical psychologist and the chief of psychology with the Phoenix VA Health Care System, sat down with Javier Soto and Kaley O'Kelley to discuss PTSD and the help that is available for veterans and their families.

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