Manning visits Broncos, on to Arizona

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Peyton Manning is on his way to Arizona.

The Cardinals are trying to woo the future Hall of Fame quarterback, but they're not the only team in the running.

Peyton Manning arrived at Centennial Airport outside Denver Friday.  In another picture, you could see him walking with Broncos executive John Elway and Broncos coach John Fox.

It's the first of three expected Manning wine-and-dine's this weekend.

NFL network's Adam Schefter tweeted: “First visit does not mean Denver is the leader in the clubhouse.”

And from Fox Sports' Jay Glazer: “Manning chose Denver as his first visit bc he's familiar w people there like Elway and Fox.  Wanted 1st visit to be with ppl he knows well.”

Manning also knows Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.  They reportedly play golf together.  According to multiple reports, Manning will be in Phoenix to visit with “Whiz” and Cardinals executives.

Former Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner kicked off his annual fundraiser Friday, but took time to answer lots of questions about Manning.

“I wasn't Peyton Manning when I had to pick another team,” Warner said.  “I was looking for any team that would take an old quarterback that many people didn't think could play anymore.  Peyton's in a situation where, at least to some degree, is going to write his own story.”

Warner emphasized there are a lot of factors to weigh in Manning's position, from conference to offensive lines to coaching staffs, but he made this prediction.

“As a quarterback, I still think a certain way,” Warner said.  “I still believe Miami's a great fit for him.”

Not what Cardinals fans want to hear, but Warner thinks they won't have to wait long to get a decision from Manning himself.

“I think he probably has a good idea of where the best fit is and he'll make his visits and make decision sooner rather than later,” Warner said.

Manning has said he wants to make a decision by Tuesday.