DNSChanger victims get more time to clean up computers

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Victims of a massive virus that took over millions of computers have been given more time to clean up their computers. The virus is called the DNS Changer Trojan.

Late last year, the FBI arrested six men it says are responsible for spreading the virus to 4 million computers worldwide. A half-million are here in the United States.

The virus redirects users to rogue websites, blocks updates and disables security programs on your computer.

After the arrests, Ken Colburn with Data Doctors said the FBI realized if it shut down the hackers’ network, those infected would lose Internet access. So it created a replacement system to keep people connected.

But the court order that put that system in place was supposed to expire March 8, which meant if you had the virus you would be unable to connect to the internet.

However, a federal judge granted an extension to the court order allowing that replacement system to stay active until July 9.

Colburn said that gives four extra months to figure out if you have this virus or not.

“Really, the big thing we want to do is get the word out; have everybody check their machines, we can get everybody cleaned up then there won't be an issue when they turn off this network,” he said.

Colburn said checking your computer to see if you have the virus is a fairly simple process.

The FBI explains how to do that in a set of instructions.

You can also log on to www.dns-ok.us and get an instant answer about whether your computer is corrupt.

The FBI tells 3 On Your Side the website was set up to make checking computers as simple as possible.

Data Doctors is offering to check computers for free.