UPDATE: Wells Fargo agrees to reimburse woman half of funds

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Lizett Arteaga and her 10-year-old son say they finally have something to be somewhat thankful for.

"My son especially was really happy you guys were willing to get involved," Arteaga said.

It's a far cry from back in January when Arteaga was featured in a 3 On Your Side report.

At the time,  Lizett claimed $5,200 had been stolen from her son's Wells Fargo savings account, an account set aside for college. That account was apparently wiped out over the course of several months by someone using Arteaga's driver's license and other forms of ID.

She believes the documents were taken when her purse was stolen at a club.

Arteaga said she told Wells Fargo about the fraudulent withdrawals and even provided them with a police report regarding her stolen purse.

However, Arteaga said  the bank refused to replace the money, saying if she monitored her account more closely she would have noticed the withdrawals more quickly.

Arteaga said that answer did not sit well with her at all.

"I can't understand and feel comfortable with letting it go saying, 'OK you're right it was my fault,'" she said.

3 On Your Side asked Wells Fargo to reconsider its decision and to look into the matter again. They agreed and conducted an investigation. As a result, Wells Fargo decided to reimburse Arteaga $2,600, which is only half of what was taken from her son's account.

It's unknown what the bank's investigation revealed or how they arrived at $2,600, but Arteaga said she decided she should probably take the offer.

Arteaga said she was concerned if she did not accept what they offered then Wells Fargo might settle for zero.

Regardless, she said she's happy to at least be getting something back.

"I just want to thank 3 On your Side for really helping me and stepping in ... and helping the little people!" she said.