$1.50/Gallon gas is norm for some Valley families

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- As gas prices approach the $4-a-gallon mark in Arizona, some families are filling their tanks for much less by using natural gas.

CNG Services of Arizona currently serves about 400 families who have installed natural gas pumps for their cars inside of their home garages.

Connie Jones of Chandler is one of those clients. Jones was initially attracted to a natural gas car for environmental reasons and because it would allow her a special "clean energy" license plate that lets her ride in the high occupancy vehicle lane.

But now she is also saving big on gasoline.

"Since we got the unit in the house, it's $1.42 a gallon," Jones said.

Jones has been driving a natural gas Honda Civic for five years but just had a "Phill" natural gas fueling station installed in her garage a few months ago.

Before that, she had to fill up at Sky Harbor International Airport, one of the only places with a public natural gas station in the Valley.

It cost nearly $6,000 to install the Phill, but Jones said the benefits outweigh the cost.

"The time savings is huge and now the money savings is getting even better," Jones said.

The car can run up to 200 miles on a full tank of natural gas so it is not ideal for long road trips, but proponents of natural gas say it is a good option for daily commutes.

Dave Clement of CNG said he is seeing a surge in interest as gas prices rise.

"The calls coming in to our office go up and down with the price of unleaded," he said. "When unleaded goes up, more people want to get in on cheaper fuel."

To learn more, visit CNG of Arizona.