Tempe club is no stranger to violence, says mom who lost son in '07

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Daron Gibson By Jennifer Thomas Daron Gibson By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The shooting that injured 14 people, two seriously, at The Clubhouse bar over the weekend was no surprise to one Valley mom.

Chyendall Gibson lost her son, 19-year-old Daron Gibson, after a shooting outside the same club in July 2007.

No one has been arrested for the murder.

For Gibson, the wounds of that night have once again been reopened. But now she's also a little angry, saying the owners have a moral obligation.

"The propensity of violence follows that age group, that artist, that genre... I would like to ask them to pause and say to themselves 'perhaps this is not the type of environment I want at my establishment,'" Gibson said.

While one suspect in Friday's shooting has been arrested, Tempe police are still looking for two more.

And they, according to Gibson, have something in common with her son's killer.

"They have sleepless nights, I'm sure of that because they know what they have done and I know that justice will prevail," she said.

One thing that Gibson is grateful for is that none of the victims' families in the Tempe incident will have to feel the amount of pain she's been working to make peace with.

"Those 14 mothers, they got that terrible phone call and they got the best case scenario and I believe that if there is a silver lining in this whole terrible incident, that is definitely the silver lining," she said.