Ground Zero Restoration helps restore water-damaged home

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Paul Christensson is finally able to breathe a sigh a relief.

“It's amazing, it really is. I don't even know what to say,” he said.

But when Christensson was featured in our first 3 On Your Side report a few weeks ago, he was drowning in frustration.

“It was a disaster, there was probably shin deep in water, mud and there was glass everywhere,” he said.

He's talking about his home, which was a complete mess. A swimming pool pipe had burst sending water straight into his basement.

Christensson said he immediately called his insurer, Allstate, which sent out a cleanup company to start mopping up the mess.

But not long after the cleanup began, Allstate Insurance called Christensson.

"She said, 'Sorry, your claim has been denied,' and we were just floored, absolutely floored,” he recalled.

Allstate Insurance stuck Christensson and his family with more than $15,000 in water damage.

To top it off, Allstate also stuck him with a $6,800 bill from the cleaning company that responded. When that news report aired, Josef Yurmas couldn't believe it.

He runs a company called Ground Zero Restoration and figured if Allstate wasn't going to pay for repairs, then he would.

“I saw the news and we felt really bad so we decided we wanted to help them get their house back together,” Yurmas said.

Ground Zero Restoration got to work right away and within weeks, turned the messy, damaged home around.

“It's incredible. Ground Zero has done amazing. More than we ever could have imagined,” Christensson said.

Ground Zero Restoration wound up cleaning, sanitizing and preparing the entire basement for reconstruction.

They cut out all of the damaged drywall, re-taped it, textured and painted everything to make it look brand new. 

They also installed some flooring, repaired cabinets and got a glass vendor to install a new window that broke when all that water poured in.

In all, more than $8,000 worth of work was put into project -- all for free.

“On behalf of Ground Zero and crew this bill that you have over here is going to be free at no charge $8,370. The balance is zero,” said Brian Shemp, owner of Ground Zero.

“It's unreal that somebody would just say we're going to fix it and just bring people and get this done and get your house back,” Christensson said.

Shemp tells 3 On Your Side helping out in this unfortunate situation was just the right thing to do.

“We like giving back to the community, I've been here for 25 plus years and now and then, depending on what's going on, we give certain things to certain people we feel need it and could really use our help,” Shemp said.

Paul says it's great to finally have his home back and says it couldn't have happened without the good hands of Ground Zero Restoration and 3 on Your Side.

“None of this would even have been possible without 3 On Your Side,” Christensson said.

The only thing left to complete the basement is some carpeting. Ground Zero is working with a vendor right now to get that carpet free for the Christenssons.

Allstate never did reconsider and continues to deny the claim.