Love could not wait for an ailing Marine

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DALLAS -- While people fall in love every day, some love stories are more unique than others.

The way the families of one couple told it, this is one of those unique stories.

It all started when Candi Delp met Josh Franks, a Marine with three tours of combat under his belt.

“It was just love at first sight, for, I know Candi,” said Renne Rosales, Josh’s sister. “Josh, being a guy, doesn’t want to tell anybody, yeah,  it was love at first sight.”

When Josh, 29, came back from Iraq for the final time, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He has been in treatment ever since. 

Recently, he and Candi have been busy planning a September wedding.

“I’m excited,” Rosales said.

But life does not always follow the plan.

On Sunday, Josh checked into the Dallas VA Hospital and got the news he may only have a few months to live.

So the couple’s September wedding happened Wednesday.

Josh got a hand getting spiffy before heading down to the ceremony.

Candi, 28, ran to the courthouse on Tuesday to get a marriage license.

Two hours before the ceremony, she bought a dress.

By three o'clock, it was official.

“I’m glad,” Rosales said. “I’m happy for him.  I’ve just been all smiles all day.”

Marriage always takes courage.

But a little more so for the Franks, who stare into your own uncertainty and just smile.