BASE jumper rescued in the Superstition Mountains


SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINS, Ariz. -- A BASE jumper who leaped off a ledge in the Superstition Mountains spent hours stuck 150 feet up from the bottom of the mountain.

It happened Wednesday near Flat Iron in the Superstition Mountains.

The jumper, Sam Baker, 38, from Eloy, was hiking with several friends when he and two other people in the group attempted to BASE jump off a 600 foot peak near Siphon Draw. Baker ended up on the side of the cliff face wedged in a crevice.

A spokesman for the Pinal County Sheriff's Department said the jumper deployed his parachute after jumping off a cliff, but the parachute got caught on the side of the cliff face.

Friends of the jumper tried to get him down themselves but were unsuccessful. After about five hours of trying, the friends finally called for help.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff Department's Search and Rescue Team worked together to rescue the jumper.

Two dozen rescuers worked to lower crews to Baker using climbing rope. Baker was conscious and alert the whole time. Rescuers tied Baker into a harness and lowered him to safety.

Baker said he was thankful for the rescue and was quoted by the Pinal County Sheriff's Department as saying "What they did [the rescuers] was selfless and much appreciated. We all know the outcome could have been a polar opposite."

The entire rescue took seven hours to complete.

Baker did not appear to have any serious injuries. Friends said he is an experienced hiker and BASE jumper.

It is legal to BASE jump off the Superstition Mountains, but officials advise against it.

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