Burglary suspect returned to the scene of the crime

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PHOENIX -- A man accused of breaking into a business ended up in jail after he returned to the scene of the crime looking for a lost motel room key.

The owner of Road Warriors AZ says the suspect came to case her store on Monday morning and immediately Jenna Harvey had a strange feeling about him.

"Watching the place, looking behind the counter, just odd behavior, and when he left I told [my boyfriend] 'somethings not right," Harvey said.

According to a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, on Monday night Michael Long, 47, broke the front glass window of Road Warriors AZ. The business, located at 4702 N. 7th Avenue, sells biker patches, military hats and related items.

Officers who handled the burglary call said that after Long got into the store he stole about $500 from charitable donation boxes.

Long also apparently cut himself crawling through the broken window. There was blood on the floor of the business and on boxes of merchandise near the front counter. There was also a motel room key found lying on the floor.

A few hours after the burglary, as the owners were cleaning up, Long came to the store and said he had been there earlier and thought he had possibly lost his key there.

"He had blood all over his jeans and his hand - acted very surprised like what happened, you guys got broken into?" Harvey said.

The owners called police who led officers to Long, who by then was walking away from the store.

"This would have been perfect for the 'World's Dumbest Criminals,'" Harvey said with a laugh.

Long told officers that he lives in a room at the Budget Suites at 611 W. Indian School Road. Officers took Long and the key found at the crime scene to that location where it unlocked the door to Long's room.

At that point Long admitted that he broke into the AZ Road Warriors business and stole money because he has a "horrible gambling problem."

Police found the stolen money in a plastic bag in Long's motel room.

"I just felt violated, I don't understand it don't know how somebody could do that, I don't know how they sleep at night," Harvey said.

Coincidentally, one of the officers handling the case noted in court paperwork that he arrested Long last week after he allegedly broke into a different business and was chased out by the owner. In that incident police said they caught Long hiding in a neighborhood.

Long was on release for that felony charge when he allegedly broke into the Road Warriors AZ.