How Facebook can help you find a job

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PHOENIX -- Facebook isn't just for keeping family and friends updated about the goings on in your life, it also can be a useful tool in your job hunt.

As Gelie Akhenblit, CEO and founder of, it's all about the new subscribe button.

The subscribe button lets you subscribe to news feeds posted by specific people. The subscribe button is handy because neither party is friends so the interaction is limited. The information in these news feeds, however, can be invaluable.

Akhenblit, for example, routinely posts information about job opening on her Facebook page. She makes those posts open to the public so that anyone who subscribes to her posts can see the information.

The subscribe button is still relatively new, so some people who might have valuable information to share haven't activated it yet. Don't write them off. Just keep checking back as the subscribe button catches on.

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