Local politicians endorse Mitt Romney; may not carry much weight

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Two days before Green Party members and Republicans cast their vote in the Arizona Presidential Preference Primary, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer announced who she'll support.

"I have looked over all the wonderful people who have put themselves up for nomination and I have decided that I'm going to publicly endorse Mitt Romney," Brewer said Sunday morning on "Meet the Press." 
On Saturday, Sen. John McCain announced he, too, will endorse Romney.
McCain talked about it Sunday morning on CNN's "State of the Union."
"I'm confident that Mitt will do well on Tuesday night in Arizona and in Michigan and hopefully that will move this process forward so we can concentrate on the real adversary," McCain said.
The real adversary, of course, being Democratic President Barack Obama.
Romney also won the endorsement from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.
While these endorsements are catching the attention of the media, Horne doesn't believe they carry a whole lot of weight.
He talked about it on "Good Morning Arizona."
"I think endorsements sometimes have an influence on low-level campaigns," he said. "When you get to president, people tend to want to make up their own minds and so I'm not sure how endorsements really are at that level."