Scottsdale man transforms garage into survivalist stash house

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PHOENIX -- We've all heard the predictions about the world coming to an end in 2012.

A Scottsdale man is ready for a big disaster.

"Everyone has car insurance, health insurance, this is like life insurance,” said Tim Ralston, the owner of

Long-term pork in the can probably isn't your favorite meal. But if you're faced with trouble, taste won't matter.

"The one thing I never want to hear from my kids is dad I'm hungry or dad I'm scared," Ralston said.

Ralston is the ultimate "prepper."

"If Americans lost our power grid it would be devastating," he said. "People couldn't live without power because we're too dependent on it now."

The prepper's home garage is now what he calls a man cave.

Ralston's survival trailer takes up half the garage. The trailer is packed with enough stuff to support his family for a year.

The other half of his garage is his prepping station.

Ralston said the top three things we would need if a disaster dropped would be water, food and a first aid kit.

If a natural disaster hits, Ralston's heading for the hills.

"We have two different locations that we would be able to go if something were to happen," he said. They're basically on the Rim Country with water sources."

Ralston's also planning on building an underground compound to fit 20 people.