City of Phoenix to sell homes to low-income families

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PHOENIX -- The city of Phoenix plans to sell a handful of homes to low-income families who meet certain income and background requirements this year.

The sales are part of the Scattered Sites Housing Program, which began in the 1990s when the city bought up hundreds of homes using federal housing subsidies.

Up until now the program has rented those properties, and sold some, to families already living within the city's public housing system.

Now, the program will broaden and officials will begin taking sales applications from the general public.

There are a number of requirements that potential owners must meet. including income limits.

For example, a family of four must earn between $16,650 and $53,300 a year and must be eligible for a mortgage.

The city offers down payment assistance as well as mandatory training in home financing and maintenance.

"We're looking at selling 10 properties this year, if the program picks up pace we may be able to expand that," said City of Phoenix Housing Department Director Kim Dorney.

"It's another great opportunity for people who need just a little bit of help to get into that first home ownership opportunity," Dorney said.

The program helped single mom Elizabeth Enciso purchase her first home three years ago.

"It's a dream to have your own home," she said. "They help do all the footwork, so I couldn't have done it without their help."

Enciso, who works as a garbage truck driver, purchased a central Phoenix home for $110,000 in 2009.  

The city says this year they have sold homes for as low as $81,000.

Here are some more requirements from the City of Phoenix's Scattered Sites website:

Applicants must be a family of two or more who meet the minimum and maximum income requirements. Family members age 12 and older must pass a criminal background check, adult members must pass a credit check, and the family must have an acceptable rental history. Applicants must not have any debts to current or previous landlords. Applicants must not owe any money to any housing program in the United States. The income requirements are:

For more information visit the city's website or call 602-534-4584