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Seduce Smart - Transform Your Love Life in 30 days
Author of Seduce Smart & Dating Expert Jennifer Victory can help you transform your love life in 30 days using the 4 steps in her book. Radiating Confidence with the 4 steps &  Dating dos and donts. For more information visit  or call 480-331-   7077

Eddie Matney - Burger Tower Salad
Chef Eddie’s Burger Tower Salad is available in our recipe file. To make a reservation at Eddie’s House call 480-946-1622 or visit

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona  - Walk On! Kids’ Cooking Contest Winner
Log on to to learn more about the 5-2-1-0 daily goal and find tips for how to reach the goal brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

EnvoQue MD - Battling Fatigue
EnvoQue MD is offering 5 B-12 shots  and Nutritional program for only $39 ( $250 Value). For more information on    EnvoQueMD visit  or call 480-582-5045.

Sherry Kline - Cleaning Green & Cheap
Make-It-Yourself Mom demonstrated and you can read Sherry’s column Cleaning Green & Cheap.

Lifetime Family Dental  3:30 - Cerec Crowns
Lifetime Family Dental can perform Cerec Crowns in 1 hour! $75.00 off  their first Cerec restoration for Your Life    A to Z viewers. Lifetime Family Dental is located at 235 E. Warner Rd Ste. #108 in Gilbert. Call 480-558-4331 or visit

Bonnee Gruber – The Latest in Decor
For more of Bonnee’s room decorating tips, visit or call 480-44-DÉCOR.  Taggywail is located at 7950 E. Acoma Dr. #200 in Scottsdale.