Allstate Insurance misquotes Phoenix driver

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Griselda Magana is a mom and a student, so having a car to get around is important. That's why she bought a 2011 Chevy Cruze.

"It was a relief, I was excited," she said. "I can go to school, go to work, do trips with my kid and not have to worry about if my windshild breaks. I know who is going to pay for it."

Magana said she wasn't worried because she insured her car with Allstate under her dad's policy.

"My dad had been pleased with them before so I figured I'd just call Allstate and get added on," she said. "It comes out better to be under my dad's policy, as well."

Magana said she called Allstate, got a quote and added herself on to her dad's policy for $84 a month.  She paid Allstate Insurance the six-month premium in advance.

But two months later, Allstate Insurance contacted Magana with disturbing news.

Magana said the insurance representative told her, "Sorry, you were misquoted. You are not going to pay $84 a month to receive our insurance. You will pay $204 a month now."

Magana said the amount was more than double what Allstate quoted and she wondered how the insurance giant could make such a mistake.

"I feel that they are financially penalizing me," she said. "Making me pay for their mistakes of quoting me incorrectly."

Not only did her premiums double, but Magana is on the hook for the difference during the first few months she was insured.

3 On Your Side contacted Allstate but they refused to talk us about Magana's situation. However, they did apologize to her for the misquote. 

After grilling Allstate further, they finally explained to Magana that they added her car to her dad's policy, but they failed to add her as an additional driver and that's what caused her premium to spike.

Magana said the ordeal has caused her to lose confidence in the so called "good hands" people.

"They are lousy hands at this point," she said. "I am not feeling covered, Im not feeling reassured."

Magana said she will stay with Allstate for now, since she is already financially responsible for the first few months. However, she intends on shopping around for new insurance and changing when the coverage expires.