Kohl's waives $292 late fees for Mesa man

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

MESA, Ariz. -- Gus Rudy, 69, has gone through a lot of changes the past couple of years. First, he lost his wife to cancer.

With tears in his eyes, Rudy said, "For the last two years, I never left her side. I miss her a lot."

And then, Rudy moved into a small adult community where he manages to get around one step at a time.

But while Rudy is getting used to some of the changes, one thing he can't get used to is a nagging bill that keeps arriving in his mailbox.

"Yeah, I have no idea where that came from," Rudy said.

He's referring to a bill that he keeps getting from Kohl's Department Store that says he owes more than $290, an amount that keeps getting higher month after month.

Rudy is disgusted with the growing bill, "And I can't see how they could accumulate that amount of money."

Rudy said he refused to pay the bill that he believes he doesn't owe and contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

3 On Your Side visited Rudy and reviewed all of his bills. We realized that Rudy failed to pay his Kohl's charge card in full by just $3.

As a result, Kohl's hit him with a $35 late fee month after month until his $3 balance reached $290.

3 On Your Side contacted Kohl's corporate office and after reviewing the matter for me, Kohl's agreed to waive the entire amount.

They also agreed to remove the matter from a collection agency, which was also hounding Rudy for the money.

Rudy said he's relieved the matter has been resolved saying, "I feel great. There is no reason why I should feel challenged anymore. I am glad I did contact Mr. Harper."

3 On Your Side would like to thank Kohl's for looking into the matter so quickly, and waiving the entire amount.