Allergy remedies can ease seasonal misery

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PHOENIX -- We've had quite a warm winter here in the Valley of the Sun, and that means allergies are rearing their itchy eyes, scratchy throats and stuffy noses a bit earlier than usual.

Dr. Art Mollen says there are things you can do to treat the symptoms of allergies, but prevention is key.

When it comes to treatment, over-the counter, non-sedating antihistamines work to some extent, but Mollen says you might need to go to your doctor and get a prescription.

"The best way to actually treat its is going to be with a cortisone nasal spray," he said. "You want to use that cortisone nasal spray for a period of a week or so and that usually helps the allergies better than anything else."

If you have particularly bad allergies, you want to prevent exposure as much as possible. That means keeping your windows and doors closed will keep the dust and pollen outside where they belong. This applies to cars, too. If you have a convertible, you might want to consider putting up the top. You also might want to limit your time outdoors.

Mollen also talked about a product called Allergen Block, which is designed to prevent you from inhaling pollen through your nose.

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