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If you have looked in the beauty nail products aisle lately, chances are you felt overwhelmed.  With new at-home gel kits, nail bling, magnetic nail polish and more, what’s worth breaking into your beauty budget bucks and what should you skip?  I try before you buy and here is what I found in manicure and pedicure products that I like and some I don’t recommend as well.  Take a look and let us know in the comments section what your mani and pedi picks are when you shop for nail products.

What’s Hot

*Sensationail by Nailene Invincible Gel Starter Kit – This is so cool!  It is an at-home do it yourself gel nail kit that even comes with a LED lamp, just like in the professional salons, except that it is a smaller version.  The kit also includes gel cleanser, gel primer, gel base and top coat, one color gel polish, lint-free wipes, a double-sided nail buffer and a bamboo manicure stick.  It sells for $59.99 at CVS and at Walmart.  Once you have the kit, you won’t need to purchase it again because the included LED lamp can be used for future manicures.  Individual Sensationail colors sell for $12 at both CVS and at Walmart.  You are probably wondering how it works and it is a pretty simple process.  Here are the steps:

1. Apply the Sensationail gel primer to clean, dry nails.  Then apply gel base and top coat.  Cure for 30 seconds.
2. Sweep on the Sensationail nail color that you choose and cure for 60 seconds.  Apply a second coat and cure again for 60 seconds.
3. Seal in the color with the gel base and top coat, which is a handy 2-in-1 Sensationail product.  Cure for 30 seconds. 
4. Wipe nails with gel cleanser and you are done. 

It is similar to what they do in a salon, except you can now do it at home, which saves time and money.  Mine lasted for a full two weeks.  One helpful tip is to do the thumbs first because it is hard to fit all five fingers in the small LED lamp.  Now you are probably wondering how to remove the gel polish.  That takes longer because you have to soak your nails in 100% acetone for 15 minutes and then peel and buff off the polish.

What’s Not

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect is a UV-free new line of gel polish that is supposed to set rock solid in five minutes with no UV light needed.  Unfortunately, for me and for my gal pal that tested it, it did not dry quickly and was sticky.  We also did not like the No-Mess Gel Perfect Remover that is supposed to remove the gel color in less than two minutes.  It took a lot longer and I’ve really never ever seen a gel polish of any kind come off that quickly, both at home or in a professional nail salon.  Gel always takes at least ten minutes or more to soak off.  I was hoping that I liked the packet that the remover came in, but it was a bit flimsy to work with.  So my gal pals and I give this at-home gel line a thumbs down.

What’s Hot

A gel remover that I did like is sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply and it is called Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone.  I paired this with HandsDown Soak-off Gel Nail Wraps.  These handy little wraps are applied to each nail individually, like they do in the professional salons with the foils, except that this product is made of a cloth-like material that fit perfectly over each finger. 

What’s Luke Warm in my Review

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel -- This polish is supposed to rival gel manicures without needing a UV lamp. This formula includes UV-sensitive elements so the polish cures as it dries. And it does so in natural light, for a stronger, harder finish than regular polish. Plus it comes off with regular polish remover, so I was super excited to try this, but my nails started chipping on day 4, instead of the 10 days that the product claims that the nail polish will last.  I was disappointed, but not shocked because gel polish is hard to emulate.  However, I love the vibrant colors and I think that it did hold up better than a lot of other lines, but I do not agree that this rivals gel polish.

What is Magnetic Polish?

Just when I thought I knew about all of the new nail products, a beauty expert at Sephora told me about magnetic polish.  And I found this stuff to be pretty cool.  This unique formula by Nails Inc. is made with metallic particles that create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern secretly hidden in the magnet for a fun and unique finish. The magnet is included in the cap of the nail polish.  To see a demo on how it works, watch the segment. This sells for $16 at Sephora and Bianca from Walgreens tells me that the drug store chain will carry a Sally Hansen magnetic polish starting in April!  Fun!

A Few Other Notable Nail Products

While out shopping for the above nail products, I found a few other interesting nail products that include:

*Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffers – These pretty patterned and fun-shaped nail buffers have two sides.  The backside is used on bare nails to smooth out the nail surface and the pretty patterned side gives polished nails incredible shine.  Sold at Walgreens.

*Studio 35 Beauty Toe Separators – What makes these different from the typical toe separator product is that these are individual, so keeping toes apart to dry is easier than the traditional all-in-one separator.  I found this at Walgreens.

*Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect ColorCare – Just in time for Easter, Sally has several new holiday colors that include a light blue called “Air” and a lovely lilac named “Whisper” that will go perfectly with your pastel Easter eggs.

I could go on and on with new nail product news, but I’m out of time, so these are the ones that I found were interesting to discuss.  What new nails products do you know about?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check managedmoms.com for more beauty news, recipes, pet pics and more.