High gas prices got you down? Tips to fill up for less

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With gas prices again on the rise, you may feel like driving in circles to find the best prices.

But before you add all that mileage, check out these suggestions on how to save on gas.

You do have options about where and when you fill up, and that could save you big time.

The best time to fill up is before dawn or late at night, when both the sun and traffic volume are down. Industry analysts say stations sometimes raise prices during the day, especially for rush hour.

The best day of the week to fill up is Wednesday. Stations tend to raise prices on the weekends and during the summer. So if you can hold off until midweek, you can pocket some green.

Another tip: Don't wait until you're on "empty" to fill up. Not only is it bad for your engine, but it limits your options to find lower gas prices because you're in crisis mode.

When you're getting ready to fill up, check to make sure that the price on the pump is the same as the price on the sign and that the pump starts at the zero mark.

Be sure to check out the Kens5.com Gas Tracker for the lowest prices all over town. You can make a plan now to help you when you're on the road later.