Want to see who is looking at your Facebook profile? You can't!

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PHOENIX -- If you've spent more than five minutes on Facebook, chances are you've seen ads for so-called "stalker apps" that promise to show you who has been looking at your profile or who is trying to find you online.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors (@TheDataDoc) has four words for you: Don't fall for it.

"They're all scams," he said. "We've checked with Facebook over and over again. There's absolutely nothing in Facebook that allows you to see who's viewing your profile.

"If you fall for these [ads], a lot of them, what they're doing is they're going to do is take over your account," Colburn continued. "They're basically going to take control of your account and start posting to all your friends' stuff and what have you. It really ends up being a bad situation."

Colburn says the best thing you can do is ignore ads and apps that say you can see who is viewing your Facebook profile. It simply cannot be done.

Another thing that has come up recently is apps that claim to show you who has unfriended you.

Colburn says there is not a legitimate Facebook app that will do that, but there is a plugin for your Web browser -- if you really want to know.

"Be careful what you wish for, folks," Colburn cautioned. "Do you really want to know? Can you handle the truth?"

The free Unfriend Finder plugin can be added to any browser. It's designed to show you which friends have unfriended you.

There are two important things to note here. Unfriend Finder is not retroactive. It only shows people who had unfriended you since installation. Also, the script is Web-based. That means you will only see it on the computer on which is it installed. If you install Unfriend Finder on your home computer, you won't see it should you have to log into Facebook on your work computer.

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