Is email helping or hurting your job search?

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PHOENIX -- When it comes to job hunting, email --used properly -- is an essential tool. But there are cases when email can hurt your job prospects more than it helps.

Michael Hayes from Momentum Specialized Staffing offered some tips to help you make sure your email works for you and not against you.

1. Do not share and email account with your spouse or significant other.

2. Do not use an unprofessional email signature. Avoid quotes and tag lines.

3. Do not use unusual fonts or stationery. Keep it clean and simple!

4. Check your spam folder regularly, especially if you're expecting a message. You don't want to miss an important communication.

5. Do not send your résumé to multiple employers at once using a blind-copy list. It takes a bit longer, but you should send individual emails to each potential employer. It allows you to be a little more personal. Direct one-to-one contact is key.

6. If you are currently employed, do not use your work email address.

7. Make sure your email address is sound professional. It's simple to set up a free account with any number of services. You don't want to lose a prospect because you have a silly email address.

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