NASCAR bans 'Dukes of Hazzard' car from PIR track

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PHOENIX -- An icon of  television from the 1980s was supposed to play a major role at the upcoming NASCAR races at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR), but its owner now says he and his classic car have been uninvited.

Golfer Bubba Watson owns the 1969 Dodge Charger known as "The General Lee" from the hit TV show "Dukes of Hazzard."  He bought it at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $110,000.  He says he was invited to lead a parade lap around the PIR track before the races March 2.   

The General Lee, however, still has the same paint job it featured decades ago on television, including a Confederate flag on the roof. NASCAR officials fear that flag will offend people.

"I'd definitely not attend anything that had the Confederate flag anywhere around it," Trisha Williams of Phoenix said.

"I grew up in the '80s, and watched ["Dukes of Hazzard"], but that's offensive,'' Len Drake agreed.

"To have the Confederate flag be the lead car? That'd be a bad showing for the State of Arizona," Dawn Woodward said..

Watson says he doesn't support what the Confederate flag stands for, but wants to leave the car looking the way it did on television.  He's still planning to attend the races.