Range Rover Evoque -- New Compact Crossover SUV

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PHOENIX -- The Range Rover Evoque is a compact crossover SUV from Land Rover that went into production in July 2011. The Evoque is designed to appeal to urban buyers and meet increased CO2 emissions and fuel economy requirements.

Jim Prueter of AAA Arizona says the Evoque the most stylish vehicle Land Rover has ever made. To prove it, he brought one to show to Scott Pasmore and Kaley O'Kelley.

The Evoque has already been named Truck of the Year and 2012 Sport Utility vehicle of the year by Motor Trend magazine, as well  as Cool Car of the Year by AAA.

According to Prueter, the Evoque is not only the first and only two-door option for any SUV, it's also "lighter and greener than anything to come from Land Rover."

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