More new drivers are dying behind the wheel in Arizona

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PHOENIX -- For the first time in eight years, the number of brand-new drivers dying behind the wheel in Arizona is up. 

A new study shows an increase in deaths for 16- and 17-year-olds in Arizona and 22 other states.

The usual suspects are to blame -- a lack of experience when it comes to defensive driving and being distracted by cell phones and other technology.

We took the report to a teen driver and a parent a neither was surprised.

"They have their friends in the car, they have the radio on, they have the phone and texting, so yeah, not surprising," said Raquel Wightman, parent of a teen driver. 

"I'm sure there's a bigger number of younger people getting into accidents," said 18-year-old Alex Cortez. "But that's just younger people being young people doing dumb things." 

Car crashes are still the number one killer of American teens.