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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q.  Is it possible to download a video from Facebook? I don't mean a link to a video, I mean download the actual video itself?

A.  Yes, it is and here are a couple of links that will help you accomplish that task: Using Facebook Video Download, simply type in the address of the video in question and click the Download button.

DownFacebook provides two methods, though the easiest follows the same basic process as the previous site: Enter the URL of the video, then click the Download Video button.

There is an interesting alternative available when using DownFacebook: Instead of typing in the actual URL to the video, when you're viewing a video on Facebook and you decide that you cannot live without, add the word "down" (without the quotes) before "" in the URL as it appears in the address field of your browser. For example, instead of the URL prefix being, etc., add the word "down" so the URL prefix becomes etc. Press Enter or click Go and follow the simple, on-screen instructions to download the video from Facebook.

Q.  I uninstalled a program that I don't need, but its shortcut icon is still on my Desktop. When I try to delete it, a message appears that says it can't find the program and it will not delete. How can I delete the icon from the Desktop?

A.  When you uninstall a program and its shortcut icon remains on the Desktop, that is usually caused by the Registry not having been updated since the removal of the program. If you restart your computer, it will refresh the Registry and  cause the icon to disappear.

Q.  When I open Web sites, a small screen pops up stating a line error has been encountered. It asks me if I want to debug it. If I click “No,” the pop-up disappears, but it comes back. If I click “Yes,” it goes to a debugging page of some type, but I don't know what to do from there. How can I get rid of this thing? I’m using Internet Explorer.

A.  If you disable the debugging function itself, which is intended for developers and other geeky types -- not we mortals, you shouldn't encounter those pop-ups in the future. Click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Scroll down to the Browsing section and remove the check marks beside “Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer),” “Disable script debugging (Other),” and “Display a notification about every script error.”

Finish up by clicking Apply > OK, close then reopen IE, and you will be all set. The pop-up that has been harassing you will be gone with the wind.

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