Driver slams into block wall, teeters on edge of backyard pool

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AVONDALE, Ariz. -- A man suffered minor head injuries after his truck ran onto the sidewalk, crashed through a block wall, and teetered on the edge of a pool.

The truck managed to miss going straight into the pool at a home near 111th Avenue and Indian School Road, and it's a good thing, too.

"Because he can't swim," said the driver's girlfriend, Jackie Housden.

Housden said the 59-year-old driver was on his way home from work when officials say he lost control, swerved on the sidewalk and slammed into the wall.

Housden thinks it could have been a medical problem. He has issues with his heart.

"He's an excellent driver but we don't know what happened, if he blacked out or what," she said.

The truck stopped just 5 feet from the house. A mother and several kids were home at the time.

Emily Pham, 11, who lives next door, was doing homework when she heard the noise.

"I heard this boom and I heard my mom scream and may dad yell so I ran out," Emily said.

She said her dad and a person walking by were quick to jump into action.

One man secured the truck, the other grabbed the driver.

"The man seemed pretty scared," Emily said. "The right side of his eye was pretty bloody. He was kind of wobbling."

The driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be just fine.