Dry winter could bring severe wildfire season

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PHOENIX -- The relatively dry winter in Arizona has experts concerned the state could face another severe wildfire season.

Last year's fire season was one for the record books.

"The outlook doesn't look good for the fire season," that's the harsh and blunt forecast from meteorologist Ken Waters with the National Weather Service.

"The outlook is to stay dry through the spring and to really warm up this summer," Waters said. "Actually the projections are for even warmer than normal."

Of course such forecasts come on the hot, dry heels of last year, one of the worst fire seasons in Arizona history.

"Last year was just a horrible year for Arizona for fires," Waters added. "We are rather concerned later this spring that when things start heating up that we might start getting some fires."

Experts say the storm moving through the state this week will have little to no effect on the state's water shortage and fire danger.

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