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Tis' the season for the unwanted cold and flu and usually Moms know just what to do.  And this winter has been particularly bothersome due to a very bad allergy season.  I did this segment last year and I received some good feedback from viewers, so here it is again with some of last year's favorite remedies, as well as a couple of new tricks that I learned to this year. 

Plus I'll also include a couple of handy home first aid kit items that I've recently discovered.  And I've got stuff for the kids, but I've also included some fab finds for us grown-up gals, too.  I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, but rather a busy mama who compares notes with my gal pals on what home remedies, vitamins and quick tips work with our families.  Take a look and share your own ideas in the comments section.

At The First Sign Of...

* A cold or flu:

*Oscilloccinum is a homeopathic medicine that has no side effects and is non-drowsy.  I first heard about the tasty quick-dissolving pellets from a friend who swears by it for herself and for her family.  She says to take it at the first sign of feeling run-down or ill. 

Soon after she told me about it, I heard Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD endorse it on our show.  She is the amazing naturopathic physician that appears on the show every Tuesday.  She told me that Oscillo (as I call it for short) is effective and safe for everyone, but that it needs to be taken early, before the illness locks into the tissues like pneumonia or a sinus infection.  My kids love it because  it tastes like candy.  It is sold at drug stores and our family swears by it.

*EmergenC is another family favorite that we drink the minute we begin to feel ill.  Dr. Ramsey has also commented that she likes EmergenC.

*Power of Nature Purely-C Wild Amazon Camu Camu is a raw food vitamin C that my Mom bought for me to try because she swears by this stuff.  I found mine on for $22 for a bottle of 90 capsules.  This particular brand is highly absorbable and provides the unique powers of natural vitamin C, plus flavonoids, as found in nature. It is the only 100% food-source Vitamin C, plus flavonoid, formula available. The last time I was fighting a virus, I took this stuff and I was able to beat the germs without needing an antibiotic.  I was thrilled!  This is my Mama go-to Vitamin C.

* Bragg Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with an all natural apple juice.  My gal pal Val has four kids, all under the age of seven, and she swears by apple cider vinegar.  At the first sign of illness, she gives her family a quick cocktail made with raw organic apple cider vinegar mixed with apple juice.  Her exact recipe is 2 tablespoons to one 8 oz glass of water or apple juice. She says that mixing it with apple juice makes it go down quick and easy, so that works well for kids.  At the onset of a cold, this is the first drink that her family quickly takes.  She made me one and it was tasty!

Val also told me that the cheap distilled variety is not beneficial because all of the antioxidants and vital ingredients are taken out during the distilling process.  She buys the Bragg brand that specifically says "from the mother" and my own mother tells me to purchase this same brand!

Canker Sores:

This is a great remedy that comes from my husband's family.  At the first sign of a canker sore inside your mouth, mix equal parts of Phillips' Milk of Magnesia (don't drink it!) with water and add 8 to 10 drops of Gly-Oxide.  Gargle the mixture, spitting it out several times.  It works wonders.  The Phillips coats the sore spot for relief and the Gly-Oxide is an antiseptic oral cleanser, so together they shorten the duration of that painful canker sore, while providing your family much-needed relief from the pain.  This is one of my all-time favorite remedies!

And add & replace:

*Add a humidifier, especially here in our desert's dry climate (which can contribute to a sinus infection) and especially now with the terrible allergy season that we are experiencing.

*Replace toothbrushes after an illness, especially if the sickness was Strep Throat.  Get a new toothbrush after the infected person is no longer contagious, but before finishing the antibiotics. Otherwise the bacteria can live in the toothbrush and re-infect you when the antibiotics are done. And keep your family's toothbrushes and utensils separate, unless they have been washed.

My New Home Remedy Finds:

*New Chapter Organics Every Woman's One Daily Multi Vitamins -- I don't like taking pills, but I knew that I needed to find a really good vitamin for myself.  So I went to Whole Foods and found an expert on the job in the vitamin section.  She knows her stuff and I have been very happy with her recommendations. The New Chapter vitamin is a multivitamin with herbs and minerals and it helps with stress and bone health as it works to strengthen your immune system.  It is a horse pill, so I cut it in half to get it down easier, but it only has to take be taken one once a day.  I also like that this supplement is easy on my stomach.  A bottle of 48 tablets is $29.99.

And for gals over 40 (yep, that would be me), take the Every Woman II that also supports breast, vision and heart health.  Still easy on the tummy with B-Vitamin complex and whole foods such as oregano to support heart and eye health.  Plus this vitamin contains a blend of broccoli, kale, and other cruciferous sprouts that supports healthy estrogen metabolism and breast health.  But there is one thing I don't like about this vitamin and that is that it has to be taken three times a day.  However, this is still my favorite vitamin line for busy mamas!

*Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 fish oil supplements.  Most of us have heard that fish oil is extremely beneficial to take.  I truly didn't get on the bandwagon until I noticed that my nails and hair were both thinning as I aged.  So since I started this fish oil regimen of two capsules a day, both are better!  That makes me happy and these are easy to take because they are soft gels. The Nordic website says that this omega-rich blend supports cardiovascular health, brain function, positive mood, as well as healthy joints, hair, skin, and nails.  And even though these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, I have seen a difference and that is what matters to me.  I purchased my bottle of 120 soft gels at Whole Foods for $33.99.

*Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Multivitamin Treats for Kids sell for $21.99 for a big bottle of 120 tasty gummy vitamins. My kids love them and my pal, Valerie told me about this brand.  Her kids haven't been sick in a year!  So I switched to this multivitamin and my family loves them.  I also bought these at Whole Foods.

Unique At Home First Aid Kit Finds

*When they bleed, they run to Mom, so I have learned to keep Band-Aid plus Antibiotic adhesive bandages on hand.  I like this line because the antibiotic ointment is already on the band aid, so with a no-mess application, I can work to prevent infection and find the ointment all in one easy step.  And when your child is crying and bleeding, who has time to go looking for the tube of antibiotic ointment.  I get this line at my local grocery store.

*Chapped skin and lips - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant New Fragrance Free ($17.00 at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide and -- I recently discovered this product when I showed what is new in 2012 beauty products and this has become my new favorite find. This cream isn't new, but the new fragrance-free variety is, making the huge following this product has very happy.  This product has been the winner of over 40 global beauty awards and is a celebrity favorite.  Touted as a multi-purpose product, this stuff can relieve chapped dry skin, groom brows, gloss lips and more.  And that is exactly what I like about it.  For my flaky forehead or my daughter's chapped lips, this product can't be beat, in my opinion!

*Are you ready for this one?  A duct taped hockey stick!  What for you ask?  For the unwelcome task of killing a scorpion!  Unfortunately, here in the desert home scorpion sightings are going to happen occasionally, so my friend Angelic told me that her Mom swears by this weapon!  When you see one, grab your duct-taped hockey stick.  The scorpion will stick to it and then you can take it outside to kill it, which doesn't leave the gross guts behind.  Having our stick close by gives us peace of mind!

What home remedy ideas do you use in your home with your family?  Share here in the comments section and remember to check out my website at for more tips, beauty news, recipes, pet pics and more.  Stay well out there!