Enterprise Rent-A-Car demands $500 for damaged vehicle

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

LAVEEN, Ariz. -- Doyle Perry says there is nothing wrong with his Ford Taurus. It is mechanically sound and it gets him where he needs to go. But on a recent trip to California, he needed to rent a car.

"We had some things to haul back there and we just needed something bigger," he said.

So Doyle went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in central Phoenix where he rented a Hyundai. The rental went fine and the car drove great.

But when he tried to return the vehicle five days later, there was a problem.

"The guy said, ‘I’ll go check the car,’ and he comes back in and said, 'It's got a ding on the fender,’” Doyle recalled.

Doyle said the ding is small enough that he didn't even notice it during his initial inspection of the car.

Regardless, the Enterprise employee tried to compromise.

"They said, 'In the meantime, we need you to pay us $50,' which he at least suggested that might cover it,” Doyle explained.

Thinking the $50 would cover the damage, Doyle paid. It was even added to his bill.

The next month, however, he received a statement indicating he owed another $489 for repairing the car.

Enterprise charged Doyle $293 to repair damage, another $50 for administrative fees and $145 for what it calls "loss of use."

"I have probably rented over 100 cars and this is the first time I have ever been charged for anything like this,” a frustrated Doyle told 3 On Your Side.

Enterprise looked into the matter for me. In an email, an Enterprise spokesperson said the damage was "noticeable and could not be easily overlooked." 

They went on to say that Doyle is still on the hook and must pay them for the $489 repair bill.

Doyle said he won't be renting from Enterprise ever again.

"The incident bothers me a lot, but I have no intentions of paying the money," he insists.

I asked Enterprise if they were willing to at least remove the $50 administrative fee and the $145 “loss of use” fee. They said no.