Bees attack in Mesa stinging adults and children

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MESA, Ariz -- Four people, including 2 children, were stung by bees in a Mesa neighborhood on Sunday.

According to Dean Morales with the Mesa Fire Department, the bees attacked a mother, her daughter, a boy who was riding his bicycle in the area and the bee expert called in to handle the hive.

Morales said, "Mom had about 70 stings and the children each probably had over 50 stings."

A witness said he heard the woman screaming for help as the bees attacked.

The beehive was in the backyard of a home near Stapley Drive and McKellips Road.

The mother and daughter who were stung rent the home where the beehive was located.

The renters called the bee keeper to get rid of the hive. He apparently underestimated the hive, and when he sprayed it the bees attacked.

The mother and the children were taken to the hospital for treatment. They are all expected to be okay.