Ready for Valentine's Day

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The countdown is on to the designated day of love. Flower shops and stores are scrambling to get ready to deliver tons of flowers this Valentine's Day. Americans will spend about $1.7 billion on flowers this holiday.

"It's a nice day to show love, at least I think so," said one shopper in central Phoenix.

"I think it's a good holiday. Hate goes away for at least a day," another male shopper chimed in. "Too bad we can't have it everyday, right?"

The folks at the Fry's store on Seventh Avenue and Camelback Road are ready for all the last-minute shoppers.

"We have everything for everybody," explained manger Robin Testani. "You can just drive right up, walk in get everything you need. You don't even need to go into the store."

So when will the mad dash hit? According to Testani, the afternoon of Valentine's Day itself will be the busiest as everyone scrambles for a gift for their special someone.

And while many will give flowers, more than half of women recently surveyed online actually say they could go without a bouquet.

"Flowers are nice, but I'm allergic to them and it's kind of a waste of money," said one female shopper.

"I wouldn't want flowers personally," described another female shopper.

So what do women really want for Valentine's Day?

We heard everything from a night out on the town to a quiet dinner at home, even a handwritten card would make a woman feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Another popular answer, especially among mothers with young kids: Just peace and quiet. Sleep would be nice, too.

It just goes to show, showing your love this Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost big bucks. It's the little things that mean so much more.