Daughter defends mother for alleged beating over talking to a man

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PHOENIX -- The mother accused of beating her daughter and the daughter she allegedly beat say police are overreacting to the situation.

“We are Muslim,” said Ayia Altameemi,19.

On Saturday the four Altameemi sisters were fired up.

“We haven't done anything wrong and she's not guilty.  We're proud of this.  We're proud of this,” said Tabarak Altameemi.

The girls are proud of their Iraqi Muslim culture.

A culture the family says is misunderstood.

“Our culture says no talking to boys, no boyfriend. That's why she's hitting me,” said Ayia.

The teenager is fresh out of St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police officer James Holmes said Ayia's own mother, Yousra Farhan, 50 abused her.

“She had injuries consistent with her being tied up. She had bruising, scratching and one minor cut on her body,” said Holmes.

The officer also said Farhan put a rope around her teenager’s body and padlocked the girl to a bed overnight.

Officers accused Farhan of hitting her child repeatedly for talking to a man at her high school.

“She tied her for like 5 minutes. She was allowed to move and go to the bathroom and go to the kitchen,” said Ayia's sister Tabarak.

Hospital representatives and a high school counselor called police to report the alleged abuse.

Ayia said she told her high school counselor about what happened in her home.

Tabarak said her sister was not in any real danger, but admitted to 3TV her sister and father also hit Ayia too.

Family said the Phoenix Police Department is making a big deal out of nothing.

Farhan faces two felony counts for aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

The mother is now free from the Maricopa County Jail and telling her side of a headline capturing story.

“In my culture it's a sin. It's a sin,” said Farhan.

The mother said it's a sin to speak with men unless you're married to them.

“You have to respect my culture,” said Farhan.

Farhan said in America mother’s aren’t allowed to hit their children and she didn’t know this.

The family moved to the United States 3 years ago.

Ayia said she has no bruises and stands by her mother’s actions.

“She doesn't do nothing wrong. That's our culture,” said Ayia.

Holmes said more charges could be filed against the teens family members at a later date.

Police: Teen beaten and tied up by mother