Phoenix student wows president with marshmallow cannon

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PHOENIX -- Days after wowing President Barack Obama with his invention, Joey Hudy, 14, brought his extreme marshmallow cannon to the 3TV newsroom.

Hudy, an eighth-grader at Canyon Springs School in Anthem, was one of several kids to take part in the second annual White House Science Fair. He beat thousands of students throughout the country for the unique opportunity.

Hudy told 3TV's Kaley O'Kelley and Scott Pasmore all about his experience at the White House and even fired off his cannon a couple of times for them.

Once he had the parts he needed, Hudy said it took him about a day to put his marshmallow cannon together. Pasmore and O'Kelley were amazed.

Hudy has a high-functioning form of autism called Asperger syndrome and loves building things like his marshmallow cannon.

Kids with Asperger syndrome often have above-average intelligence and can excel in technical fields like computer engineering and science.

The marshmallow cannon isn't the teen's only innovative creation. He actually has started a company with a website to sell his inventions. It's called Look What Joey's Making.