Chronicle: Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!

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Chronicle:  Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!

How does a little film made by an unknown, starring people you’ve never heard of land in the number one spot at the box office against the first solo effort by an uber popular boy wizard?!  Behold the power of viral marketing!  There’s little doubt that a You Tube video touting People Fly Over NYC, played a big part in Chronicle’s success.  After opening day, the numbers went up even higher due to word of mouth.  And you know what?  The movie about three teens who suddenly find themselves developing superpowers, after being exposed to what can be best described as a strange ‘artifact’, is pretty good.

One of the teens, Andrew, has been suffering abuse at home, so he has gotten a camera to document his father’s tirades.  Unfortunately for me and possibly for you, “Chronicle” suffers from the over-used ‘found footage’ phenomenon.  Hence the whole movie is seen through the very shaky lens of a teen with his new toy.  I will give you this disclaimer here and now that I was only able to actually watch about a third of the movie.  It was absolutely necessary for me to only take furtive glances if I was going to make it to the end without hurling and missing the movie all together.

But what I did see of “Chronicle” was indeed unique and mesmerizing.  The boys find their new found powers a source of great fun. They can move things with their minds, seem to not feel pain and when they learn they can fly, we are treated to fascinating aerial acrobatics.  The special effects are quite good, especially considering how ‘raw’ the footage is.

Andrew though, as a victim of abuse, is a live stick of dynamite just looking for an excuse to blow up.  And as his powers increase, so does his desire to use his power to strike out at others.  It isn’t long before his friends find themselves at odds with his violent behavior.

When you see how much fun they have playing football in the clouds and generally goofing with one another, it isn’t hard to imagine that having such absolute power is going to end badly.  Very badly indeed.

All in all I found “Chronicle” to be fascinating and you will, too, if you can stomach it.  Sadly, with box office numbers like these, it doesn’t take superpowers to see that more teens will be exposed over and over again for so many sequels we’ll all need to puke.


“Chronicle” powers up 3&1/2 Red Vines for a unique concept excellently executed

A preview of this movie was provided to me by the studio but it in no way affects my unbiased review.