Paradise Valley murders linked to similar case

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz -- Two vicious murders, four days apart, have now been linked according to the Maricopa County Attorney.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery calls the murders of a prominent Paradise Valley couple, and a Phoenix cigar salesman, crimes of opportunity.

Michael Crane, A 31-year-old ex-convict, has been charged with the two counts of first-degree murder in the case of Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro, whose burned bodies were found in their Paradise Valley home Jan. 30.  

Four days earlier, the bullet riddled body of Bruce Gaudet was found in the burned ruins of his Central Phoenix condo.  

Brittnay Beinhauer, 27 was arrested with Crane late Thursday night.

She, along with Kelly Steward, 29 has been charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property. 

They allegedly had, in their possession, property belonging to Gaudet. Information from those arrests led detectives to file charges against Shawn Nicloy, 28 and Danielle Rossman, 26 in connection to the Shapiro murders.

Montgomery says the common denominator is their relationship with Crane.

As of now, no one has been charged with the Gaudet murder and Montgomery says police are still looking for one or more suspects.

Crane, who has served time in prison, was arrested six weeks before the murders on 8 felonies. 

According to the County Attorney, Phoenix Police were called by Crane’s grandmother when he refused to leave her northeast Phoenix apartment after receiving an eviction notice.

Officers said they found drugs and a stolen motorcycle and arrested Crane.

But the case was sent back for further investigation before Crane was formally charged.

A spokesman says more investigation was needed to link Crane to the drugs and stolen motorcycle.