Backyard trampoline accident nearly paralyzes student

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SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Jumping on the trampoline is exciting, thrilling, but that all changes quickly when someone gets hurt.

“It was very painful. I didn't cry because I thought if I did it would hurt more,” said 16-year-old Adrian Ortiz.

It has been a few months since Ortiz was rushed to the emergency from his home in Surprise.

The teenager tried landing a double front flip on the family’s trampoline with his brothers.

“My face hit first. Then I remember my back bending. Then I kicked myself in the back of the head,” said Ortiz.

The teen could not move his body, only his fingers and toes.

Denise Ortiz said it broke her heart to hear son’s doctor deliver the grim news; no more wrestling.

“It hurt me that he couldn't do it anymore, that he couldn't do what he wanted to do,” said the mother.

Ty Thomasson, 30, suffered a broken neck and recently died from his accident at the Sky Park Trampoline Center in Phoenix.

Like Ortiz, witnesses said Thomasson wasn't able to move.

“I feel that it's unfortunate those things happened,” said Heinz Reichelt who owns Scottsdale Gymnastics.

Reichelt said only one person should jump on a trampoline at any given time.

“I feel that if they know how to do the basic jumping and the basic rules and you will avoid a lot of these things,” said Reichelt.

Ortiz recovered from his accident and is wrestling again with the Dysart High School wrestling team in El Mirage.

This weekend he is competing in Prescott.

As for the trampoline, only one person is allowed to jump on it at a time.

“I'd tell them it’s not for flips because you're going to get hurt,” said Ortiz.

Reichelt said all children who want to use a trampoline should take a trampoline safety class first.