Valentine's Day: 5 tips to keep the romance alive

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Valentine's Day is Tuesday. Are you ready?

Relationship coach Mike Lindstrom offered five tips to up the romance quotient and pull off a great date night, whether it's your first, your 50th or your 500th.

1. Ladies, remember that men love to be surprised.

"We're simple creatures," he said. "We love the ambush. ... It gives the element of surprise. Guys love those kinds of things."

2. Keep it playful.

"If you've been in a relationship for a long time, go back to the beginning. Act like you're dating," Lindstrom explained. "Acting like it's your first courting phase."

3. Write down five things you like about your significant other.

"Think about things you've maybe never told them before ... something you've never really articulated," he suggested.

4. Do something that is out of both of your comfort zones, and do it together.

5. Engage in powerful questions.

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