Phoenix police detectives on leave after evidence photos shown at a holiday party

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A power point presentation showing pictures of police scenes - even some bodies - are not the kind of thing you'd expect to see at a Phoenix police holiday party.

It was at a private home in an off-duty capacity last year, according to Phoenix police, that the 30-minute montage shuffled the inappropriate photos.

"This presentation was extremely unprofessional, inappropriate and unacceptable," Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner said.

The photos were used to recap a group of detectives' work for the prior year.

But that work didn't include homicides.

The squad responsible, according to officials, was assigned to non-criminal death investigations like suicides, natural deaths and overdoses.

Two supervisors and four detectives have be placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

Their names and number of years with the department was not released.

An anonymous tipster contacted police in late December about the presentation.

There are a handful of concerns, among them that some investigations could be compromised, and a major policy was broken.

"If we are by law vested to go conduct these investigations, it is our responsibility to make sure we handle all of that is gathered and all of the information that is received, professionally," Sgt. Trent Crump said.

The employees could also face criminal charges.

In addition to the Professional Standards Bureau investigation, the Maricopa County Attorney's office is reviewing the case.