Phoenix Police internal misconduct investigation

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PHOENIX -- Several supervisors and detectives with the Phoenix Police Department are under investigation for their actions at a holiday party in December.

Chief Joe Yahner held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon to announce that an internal investigation has been going on since December.

According to Chief Yahner, that's when members of the Phoenix Police Department had a holiday party at a private residence.

Officials say, at that party, a Power Point presentation was given recapping the detectives' work in the previous year.

The presentation lasted about a half-hour, and included images of crime scenes and victims' bodies were shown.

Two supervisors and four detectives from the violent crimes bureau have been put on paid administrative leave.

There are concerns that the presentation could compromise some investigations and that images shown at the party could end up on the Internet.

Chief Yahner calls it "unprofessional conduct" and says he is "extremely disappointed."

The professional standards bureau is investigating.

It is possible some of the supervisors or detectives could be charged criminally.

The Maricopa County Attorney's office is reviewing the case.