Surprise police use Internet to fight crime

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SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Help solve a crime and get paid for it. Surprise police hope this concept will pay off.

"There's no way we can protect and serve the entire community by ourselves," said Surprise Sgt. Norman Owens, who hopes people will help them out by logging on to a new crime-fighting website called IDTHISPERSON.COM

"Really, the success of this program will rely on how many people go on to the website," he said.

That site contains a series of pictures dealing with crimes, not only in Surprise but in other cities that also subscribe to the ID THIS PERSON program. The pictures could be of bad guys committing crimes or of crime sites, even witnesses who police have had trouble contacting. If you recognize something or someone and call in a valuable tip, the site will show you that crime pays!

"And they will actually send out a $25 gift card reward to the person who gave us the information," Owens said.

Surprise is the only Arizona city involved with ID THIS PERSON and even though they only started taking information from the site on the first of the month, they've already received one valuable tip and Owens believes more will follow.

"We're looking at hopefully receiving some good information from the public in the near future and we can to continue to work with the public to solve these crimes," he said.