How to land that job: 5 tips for a better interview

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PHOENIX -- While the jobless rate fell last week to the lowest point since February 2009, more than half of all college graduates are having a tough time landing a position.

Beth Ellis from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business sat down with Scott Pasmore to go over five tips to help you stand out and have a better interview.

1. Target your résumé

Be very specific to the company to which you are applying and, if possible, the position.

"The days of generic résumés are over," Ellis said. "It really needs to be targeted and people need to do their homework."

2. Make it error-free

"When we write it, we can't see the errors," Ellis explained. "It's very important to have at least one, maybe two people, review that."

3. Specific cover letter

Make sure you not only target the specific position you're going after, but also be sure to address it to a specific person. Find the name of the hiring manager.

4. Get to know people at the business

Ellis suggests setting up what she called an "informational interview" with somebody in the company to which you are applying.

"Go sit down [with them]. You are not looking for a job. You are simply gaining information about the industry, the company and the position," she said. "You're doing your background research."

5. Be confident; be aware of non-verbal communication

Direct eye contact and a firm handshake are very important. While they might not get you the job, "not doing so is a bit of a risk," Ellis said. "People do expect that."

Finally be sure you dress appropriately for the company and the job you want. This goes back to background research.

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