Two other henious crimes in Paradise Valley recently

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Walks around George Sorenson's Paradise Valley neighborhood just aren't the same.

“One of the neighbors, I won't mention who, is just frightened to death," Sorenson said. "She can't sleep at night, my wife’s having a hard time sleeping at night."

On Monday, Sorenson’s longtime neighbor, Lawrence Shapiro, and his wife, Glenna, were found murdered in their master bedroom.

According to sources, the couple were bound, shot, their car was stolen and their home burned.

“We are very relieved these animals have been caught, they’ve got to be animals to do what they did,” Sorenson said.

He said Paradise Valley police officers told his wife two people have been arrested in connection with his friends' murders.

“The policeman had told us that there were others who they knew the names of and that they would be after them and was sure they would catch them,” Sorenson said.

Sources also told 3TV stolen items from the Shapiros' home helped investigators to link the suspects to the crime scene.

“To tie 'em up, shoot 'em then burn 'em is just awful,” Sorenson said.

These murders aren't the only heinous crimes that have happened near the Shapiros' home.

According to published police reports in the Paradise Valley Independent Newspaper, there's been two other home invasions in the last four months.

A couple was walking along Cameldale in  Paradise Valley in September when they were forced back into their home at gunpoint, robbed and their car was stolen.

In October, almost a mile away, another homeowner on Rose Lane was robbed in his home and some of his things were stolen along with his car.

Sorenson said he is going to better protect himself now.

“I’ll probably be locking the doors, making sure the alarm is on every time," he said. "I  would say we've changed our lifestyle a little bit."