How Twitter saved one woman's life, changed another's

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- “I’m a social media junkie,” said Amy Donohue. “I live, breathe, eat Twitter.” As it turns out, Twitter would change her life.

Donohue saw a post about a woman across town in Surprise who needed a kidney transplant.

“When I saw that I was just like – 'I’ll do it,'” she told us. “I’m East Coast, so I talk before I think. Normally it gets me in trouble and this time I lost an organ because of it.”

“I don’t know what inspired her. But I couldn’t be more grateful,” said Kirti Dwivedi, whose mom, Anu, was dying from kidney failure.

In an effort to help her, Dwivedi took to Twitter and Facebook to tell the family’s story. Donohue saw the tweet and called Dwivedi to find out more.

“She said you have one mom and I have two kidneys,” Dwivedi told us. “And I didn’t have any words.”

Anu Dwivedi says she, too, was speechless. She had pretty much given up hope at that point. Doctors told her that the wait for a kidney was four to six years; she didn’t think she would make it.

Now, a year later, she has a healthy life at age 62 and everything to look forward to. And she owes it all to Donohue.

“Whenever I hug her, I feel like I am hugging my heart,” the soft-spoken Dwivedi told 3TV.

In the meantime, it has been quite a year for Donohue. After agreeing to donate her kidney, Donohue lost her job.

“It was pretty intense,” she said.

Then Donohue, a self-described tough girl, found herself opening up.

“I’ve never been big on showing emotion,” she told us. “In the past year I have done a 180.”

Donohue gave up a lot this past year, but she also gained a lot -- a new extended family, a new job and a new perspective.

“I love like I’ve never loved before -- whether it’s people, a restaurant or a book. I notice everything now which is kind of scary and beautiful.”